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Welcome to International Clients

We are lawyers work side by side with clients helping to solve a myriad of needs and problems. Our clients include leading Italian insurance corporation and foreign corporatons as well as partnerships, individuals and small businesses specialising in all aspects of corporate, transactional, commercial, litigation, insurance and reinsurance matters. 


They value us for our sound counsel, our creative approaches to complex problems, and our understanding that, no matter how large the transaction, the practice of law is still a very personal service. This is to say that We strive to provide quality legal representation that is tailored to the needs of our clients: a practice firm with a strong devotion to domestic and international law, both in civil and criminal law matters, serving the juridictions from the region of Lombardy and Ligurian Rivieras to the north.


Located in the economic distric south of Milan, decoding a domestic legal issue is the priority to our international clients and foreign nationals, most of the times serving their needs is not just file for a lawsuit, but prepare for it.

Although the language barrier it might be a problem, just take a short glance to how we solve the everyday problems of our clients, you'll grasp a first good impression on what you need and how we approach your problem solution. In these Ten Golden Rules of Representation as the risult of these commitments you and your company might be interested in:


1. Create partnerships and operating agreements in Italy 

2. Research good standing thrustworthy potential partners on a base knowledge of italian enterpreneurs

3. Estabilishing new companies in Italy

Negotiate and draft contracts with clients, vendors, and other

4. Compose and negotiate, review contracts with employees, independent contractors, and international

Draft and file business incorporation, merge and renewal documents with the Italy and in line with European government disposition

5. Formalize hand-shake deals into useful contracts

6. Pursue on-time, full payment for your work

7.  Resolve disputes and clarify misunderstandings

8. Establish business processes to avoid disputes and misunderstandings

9. Provide general legal advice on issues impacting your business 

10. Set you up for a lucrative future as a growing company, a start-up ready to be acquired, or anything in between

             Studio Legale



- San Donato Milanese -


  Via Bruxelles n. 2/H

  Tel.: 338.8088077


  Orario di apertura/Infoline:

  da Martedì a Sabato:15:30-



- Segrate - Milano  

  via delle Regioni n. 30

  Tel.: 02.21871357


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  da Lunedì a Venerdì: 15:30-



La Spezia

  Via Rollandi n. 61 loc.  


  Tel.: 338.8088077

  Orario di apertura/Infoline

  Sabato e Lunedì:15:00-18:00


  E-mail:     studio@cslaw.it



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