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Italy Expo 2015: attorney consultation in Milan for vacation or business

EXPO 2015 by the Law in Milan. While on vacation or during business endeavours you might face up some setbacks, do not hesitate to ask a for an attorney consultation. Helping in making your staying in Italy safer expecially before and after the Expo Exhibition in Milan is our commitement.


While in Italy for business or vacation purposes, it might useful to start a relaxing approach with unknown events which might endanger your time abroad. We care about your endeavours in connecting people and companies as well as accomodation quality and tour vacations in Italy.


We provide you with the best quality informations and suggestions in drafting contrancts, or representing your company damages derived by delays in stands display preparations, transportation missed services in the exhibition organisation, credits/debts collection. Immigration issues concerning foreign national and resident aliens is also a practice area on which we spend our best efforts for our clients.


We provide criminal law practice too and medical malpractice refund. Surely understanding the importance of giving a relaxed outskirt while you are taking the challenge of an exciting business panorama. Just count on us, if you are an expat in Milan following your presence and work to the better business environment taht Italy can offer.




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